Frequently Asked Questions

When is the official launch of businesses and job listings on the You Power™ Network?

We are anticipating to fully launch at the end of September 2021. Put in for your 6 months free now, because we are only giving that special for a limited time based on demand. Lock in your free trial today.

How to get started?

Sign up your United States business today for a 6-month free trial after the opening of the Business Directory and Job Listing Networks. No payment is required until after the 6 months is completed and you won't pay the $10 until you activate it. Your business directory listing fee will be billed using an independent U.S. financial institution.

Why should we discontinue automated systems and hire real people?

Whether employment is offered locally or remotely, customers want to speak to real people and have their issues resolved. Consumers become frustrated talking to automated systems.

What are the benefits of hiring locally?

As a business, you can help local United States workers get back to work while building a sense of community. Locals want to help businesses in their community succeed and they want to be a part of that success. They can also provide free, word of mouth advertising.

What are the benefits of hiring remotely?

As a business, you can help United States workers get back to work while reducing your business costs, but maintaining or improving production.

The You Power™ Network

United States Based Business Services

You Power™ the United States Supply Chain, Manufacturing and the Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”).

Why do we send so many United States Dollars overseas when we can create jobs, parts and products MADE in the USA to generate new wealth to bring down our National Debt?

This is an opportunity for United States Businesses to work together helping raise our GDP to save our economy, and our Country, from the soaring debt.